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Zain Rahman was born in Montreal, raised in Kemptville and now resides in Toronto.  Zain was a part of the old tractor studio 'production nights' and is a multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter.  Zain is a professional graphic artist/developer in Toronto and in the past has created some posters and album art for tractor artists.  See his work for the freephonic album 'Dual Exhaust' and the album 'SG' by Steve Gaw.  Zain has played a big part in many giant tractor jams as well, his chord progression for 'Latin Ricky' (as heard on Nils Rusch's page) was integral. Zain also founded 'FriendsFest', a Toronto semi-annual get together of friends and musicians, sharing a night of live music provided by themselves.


On this page you will find Zain's original songs and other contributions to various projects.

Also check out Zain's website:


Zain's Ride For Cancer has raised over 8000 dollars.


Zain's Songs

Here are a couple of tracks by Zain, with more to come soon. 

Mystery Train


written, permormed and recorded by Zain Rahman

Sweet Unconscious


written and performed by Zain Rahman


recorded by Jake Ritter

Album/Poster Art

Zain's design for the freephonic album "dual exhaust".
Zain's design for the freephonic album "dual exhaust".

Zain's design for the Steve Gaw album "SG"
Zain's design for the Steve Gaw album "SG"



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