Familiar faces around Tractor Records

Steve Gaw

Photo of Steve Gaw


Farmhouse inhabitant, tractor admin., tractor archivist, singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, often engineer/producer, past member of Freephonic, Wheeler, Grand National, Caution Press, Alarmists, Barn. Currently involved with Bradsucks, The White Wash Vandals, The Ben and Heather Quartet, The Dirty Hustle, solo projects, session work, involved with many tractor projects, operations manager.

Nils Rusch

Photo of Nils Rusch




Rawk hawk, tractor admin., current lead vocalist of the White Wash Vandals, songwriter, wordsmith, skilled improvisor, shirt remover, song crafter, a fine driver, chord organ owner, lyric lover, obscure knowledge knower, daddy of the town, giant jam saver, belly fire inspiration to all.

Tom Brown

Photo of Tom Brown



Ears of gold, tractor admin., Great Highland bagpiper, multi-instrumentalist, pro sound engineer, past road manager for Kathleen Edwards,  past member of Fod Ful Mol, Gaelic Storm and Caution Press, current member of The White Wash Vandals... Studio builder, engineered and produced many tractor projects, played on many, poster purchaser, winger, song- crafter, idea man.

Paul Mahar

Photo of Paul Mahar




Music explorer, tractor admin., multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, writer, video maker, involved with many tractor projects, played on many. Songform assassin, past member of Eastborough and Wheeler, session musician for Beautiful Nubia and Amanda Bon, current member of The White Wash Vandals... Sound recordist, musical optimist, ultra nice, supporter of the weird. 

Ben Mullin

Photo of Ben Mullin




Natural harmonizer, hip and key to many projects, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, past member of the Chesterfields, Digital Day, Grand National, Caution Press, Alarmist's, Barn, Belarus Racing Team- currently Brad Sucks, The Dirty Hustle, Ben and Heather Quartet, Bruce Enloe and the Burning Sensations, Coldrift...also solo artist, session work, skilled soundtrack maker, computer literate, film and tv compositions, tight musical memory, music enthusiast, sweetheart.

Justin Purvis

Photo of Justin Purvis




Music trivia kingpin, drummer/percussionist, hold the fort downer, improvisor, song arranger, past member of Finnegan, Beaner, Freephonic, Tiger Show, Caution Press, Eastborough, Barn....Currently- Bradsucks, The Dirty Hustle, Ben and Heather Quartet, Graven, other side projects, hot dog session work, vast knowledge of many genres, sushi eater.

Aedan Helmer

Photo of Aedan Helmer




Feedback wizard, sharp journalist, past member of Finnegan, Freephonic, Grand National, Caution Press, Eastborough, Barn, Slow Century....guitarist, long and short form solo skills, song arranging, large knowledge of music in all genres, strange riff generator, current music navigator.

Amanda Gaw




Audio Lover, classical pianist, early supporter of tractor, singer-songwriter, vast knowledge of many musical genres, dance floor resident, usually optimistic in hell, word enthusiast, local food knower. Rock picker.

Robyn Stewart

Photo of Robyn Stewart





LP lover, insurance guru, history buff, songwriter, lyricist, bass player, past member of Freephonic and Barn, short story writer, early strong supporter of tractor, ability to get funky and folky, unique musical ear, song arranging, possible druid and goose eater.

Trevor Clayton

Photo of Trevor Clayton




Fingerpicking star, guitar player, songwriter, solo artist, early supporter of the tractor idea, instrumental crafter, music history/ pop culture fact digester, crazy music history story teller, happy crusty retort giver, film nut, imaginative scenario predictor.

Brad Turcotte

Bruce Enloe

Rebecca MacDonald

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