Photo of the brain
the brain
Disco album, front
Photo of Disco ball
disco death-star
Photo of Rebecca Macdonald
Photo of satellite dish
Caution Press promo
caution press
Photo of Paul and Nils, leaning house
paul & nils- roadside
Photo of Robyn, Rebecca, Paul and Steve
halifax- robyn, rebecca, paul, steve
Photo of winter sun
Winter farmhouse
Photo of Lagoon
lagoon/Turtle Crossing
Photo of boxing day party
Photo of Marty and Scott
de meat tree
Photo of boxing day party
All class
Photo of Frost covered cars
Winter car
Basement barn jam
barn jam
Photo of Paul Mahar
Boxing day kitchen party
Kitchen party boxing
Photo of basement jam
Photo of basement window
Basement window
Photo of Tom Brown
Tom mixing
Nils Rusch, Scott Nixon
Nils and Scott. Nils laying down the law on 'Spikey Form'
Tom Brown
Tom late night

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