A Brief History Of Posts, Releases and Whatnot


Trevor Clayton recording

Bruce Enloe at Kemptville Live



building of Tractor Sampler No.1

remixing many songs

mastering some

Tractor Sampler No.1











from all of us at Tractor Records




here comes 2016

Bruce Enloe - new album 'Unseasonably Cool' with the Burning Sensations.  


Paul Mahar- Toefinger, Sugar Daddy, The Ghost Shirt Society- other works as well, not yet on Tractor


The Slow Century debut, start gigging and record demos at Tractor with Steve


Nils Rusch- starts shack recordings with chord organ- When I See You Cry, spoken word pieces a plenty, work with Mahar,  Tinsel Touch with Brown and Gaw


Amanda Gaw recording


Steve Gaw - AM Radio, recording, mixing


Graven recording, 


Brad Sucks rehearsing and gigging



Fall and Christmas 2014



from everyone at Tractor!


2014 was full of many projects, lots of recording and mixing, a few projects completed and many more on deck for the new year.  We added a new page this year- Bruce Enloe and the Burning Sensations.  We are happy to have him aboard.  2014 also ushered in the era of Paul Mahar videos, which have brought something a little extra to this site and also our youtube channel.  We are all looking forward to 2015 and have plans to upgrade our studio and of course continue with more recordings, videos and who knows what...


Thanks and Happy Holidays


New Recordings:


Steve Gaw- Not Ready For Letting Go


New video:


Nils Rusch- All Stuntmen Are The Same

video by Paul mahar


other notes from fall 2014


Freephonic converts their album Dual Exhaust from the original tape reels to digital.  Tom Brown and Ken Freisen work on this at Signal Path studio in Almonte.

Spring/Summer 2014

the new page header
the new page header
road construction continues
road construction continues



'Chicken Shack'- White Wash Vandals

'Bunny'- White Wash Vandals


'The Last Days Of Ivy Lea'- Amanda Gaw

'New Place'- Amanda Gaw

'Long Run'- Amanda Gaw

'Winter'- Amanda Gaw





Bunny - by Paul Mahar on the Nils page

Because You're A Lunatic- by Paul Maha





Bruce Enloe 

featuring his album with the Burning Sensations




Aedan Helmer and his band begin rehearsals at Tractor.  Brad Turcotte recording Mark Ettinger on drums for Bruce Enloes next album.  Brad also recording Justin Purvis on drums for the next Brad Sucks album.  Turtle Crossing change their name to The White Wash Vandals.  Heather Mullin in to record vocals with Steve.  Tom Brown mixing and mastering various projects.  The age of Paul Mahar videos begins.

January 2014 tractor

Christmas 2013

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from everyone at TRACTOR!

Christmas tractor




Everyone at Tractor would like to wish you a great holiday season.  


2013 was our second year in operation and we thank you for your interest.   Lots of new tracks and photos were added to our various pages this year and as usual many new projects are in the works for 2014.  We are all looking forward to it and we hope you join us as we continue to grow in the new year.


Merry Christmas, xox


Tractor Records

Fall 2013

Home page tractor -- royalty free image courtesy of the Library and Archives Canada
Home page tractor -- royalty free image courtesy of the Library and Archives Canada

new recordings:


"Funky Satellite" (1stmix)- Steve Gaw

"R&R From Outer Space"- Nils Rusch and Turtle Crossing




Brad Sucks:  Brad Turcotte with Ben Mullin, Justin Purvis and Steve Gaw


Ben and Heather Quartet:  Ben and Heather Mullin with Justin Purvis and Steve Gaw

Spring/Summer 2013



new recordings:


"Captain Bear" - Nils Rusch/Turtle Crossing

"Zomby Plow" - Nils Rusch/Turtle Crossing

"Boom Bap" - Nils Rusch/Turtle Crossing

"Sainte Louise Trees" - Amanda Gaw

"Girl From The North Country" - Steve Gaw covering Bob Dylan


-New Tractor Pic and layout

-Creation of Tractor Blog

-'Favicon' added to our web address 


new pics and changes to the Nils Rusch, Steve Gaw, Amanda Gaw and Paul Mahar pages.

Winter 2013

new recordings:


"Tracks"  by Amanda Gaw

"Devils' Daughter"  by Nils Rusch and Turtle Crossing

"Elsewhere Slowdown" by Steve Gaw

"Back Forty" video by Andrew Noddin- Barn live at the Branch

"Fateful Wren" by Steve Gaw on the Robyn Stewart page

"Random Generator" by Paul Mahar

"Marcos Last Bullfight" by Paul Mahar


-new layout 




Brad Sucks at The Silver Dollar Room Jan 26/2013


-Brad Turcotte with Ben Mullin, Justin Purvis, Steve Gaw

Christmas 2012

Happy Holidays From Everyone At Tractor

Everyone at Tractor would like to wish you the best throughout the holidays and into the new year. 


2012 saw the formation of our website in September, the addition of new artist pages in the following months, the opening of our online store, the release of the debut album from Barn and lot's of music and photos uploaded onto the site..


Thanks for your visits to our artist pages, store, photos and soundclouds.  Barn, Nils Rusch/turtle crossing and Amanda Gaw took home the honours as our most viewed pages of the year.


We are looking forward to 2013 -  revamped Tractor logo, fresh featured recordings on our homepage, new artist pages and updates of our current artists.  We hope you join us as we continue to grow the site in the upcoming year.


Happy Holidays!!!!


Fall 2012




Our first order from the Tractor Records Store was a Barn CD purchased by Jack Coghill.  Jack is seen here shaking hands with Paul Mahar and being given the Cd by Tom and Abi Brown.  Thanks Jack!


new recordings


"Back Forty" by Steve Gaw

"Heartbeat Of The Dancefloor/I Love My Wife" by Nils Rusch

"Ten Years" by Amanda Gaw




"BARN"   sept.2012


- cd release party at the Branch,  Nov.3/2012 Kemptville



"GUESS WHO'S A MESS" oct/2012



cd release at Zaphods nov 2/2012 Ottawa

Brad Turcotte live with:

Ben Mullin- guitar, back vocal

Justin Purvis- drums

Steve Gaw- bass


Launch Of Site

Tractor Records site open!  Sept 1. 2012


Initial Pages:  Barn, Nils Rusch, Freephonic, Steve Gaw, Amanda Gaw, Paul Mahar, Trevor Clayton, Scott Nixon,Rebecca MacDonald, Caution Press/Grand National, Tractor People, Images.


Pages added through the fall:  Eastborough, Zain Rahman, Robyn Stewart, the Tractor Store

Homepage featured songs:  Under The Wing- Amanda Gaw

                                         Copper Rain- Nils Rusch/Turtle Crossing

                                         Corduroy Road- Barn

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