Steve Gaw

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Steve Gaw- vocals, guitars, keys

Robyn Stewart- bass

Justin Purvis- drums



Recorded at Tractor Records

lyrics- Robyn Stewart/Steve Gaw

Mixed by Tom Brown and Steve Gaw

Mastered by Tom Brown


This song is on the Tractor Records Sampler No.1 compilation album


AM Radio


Steve Gaw- vocals, instruments

Justin Purvis- drums

Shawn Brown- pedal steel

Tom Brown- back vocal and master

lyrics- Robyn Stewart/Steve Gaw

mix- Tom Brown/Steve Gaw

@Tractor 2015



Steve Gaw- guitar and vocals

Tom Brown- mix

@Tractor 2015







Steve Gaw- vocals, instruments

Heather Mullin- vocals

Justin Purvis- percussion

Aedan Helmer- guitar


mixing- Steve Gaw/ Tom Brown

master- Tom Brown

@Tractor dec2014

Covering a Bob Dylan tune---





Steve Gaw- vocals, instruments

Justin Purvis- drums

Scott Nixon- guitar breaks


recording and mixing-

steve gaw/tom brown

Jan 2013 @ Tractor



Steve Gaw- vocals and instruments

lyrics- Steve and Robyn Stewart

rough mix- Steve Gaw/ Tom Brown

fall 2012@ Tractor






Steve Gaw- vocals, guitar, keys

Robyn Stewart- bass

Ben Mullin- back vocal

rough @Tractor 2012




vocal/guitar- Steve Gaw

rough 2012



vocal/guitar- Steve Gaw

lyrics- Robyn Stewart

rough 2012

Fateful Wren


vocal/guitar- Steve Gaw

lyrics- Robyn Stewart

rough 2013

The "SG" album

  •    produced by Tom Brown


Steve Gaw - vocals, acoustic guitar

live off the floor


@Tractor Records

SG album cover
SG album, back cover

CD or mp3 download of this album? check the Tractor Store...

various tracks from "SG"

Other Recordings with Tom Brown

Pete's Garage Recordings



In 93, 94 and 95 Peter Maguire recorded a bunch of Steve's songs live off the floor in his garage near Oxford Station. Piano tracks were recorded at Steve's farmhouse. On a few tracks a little bit of multitracking was attempted, but most were just solo acoustic performances.  All songs were recorded to cassette. The session from 94 was lost at some point and the other tapes were dubbed many times so the recordings that remain are a little warty, but here are a few of them.

Various tracks from the 1993 tape

Various tracks from the 1995 tape

Railway Grey

A duo with Steve on vocals and acoustic guitar and Robyn Stewart on bass. Began sometime in high school when the pair started playing songs that Steve, or Steve and Robyn had written together. The duo played various open stages- notably Rusputin's in Ottawa, house parties and in numerous configurations with other musician friends at different local events and school functions. They recorded two songs and a brief instrumental at a studio in Ottawa. Steve and Robyn went on to play together in Freephonic and Barn.

hearing these again after a LONG while I thought...yikes!---but here they are.  These recordings are from an old cassette. 1991

Steve Gaw and Robyn Stewart with Stittsville fleamarket ponchos.

Photo of Railway Grey performing on stage

A Railway Grey performance on Canada day in Currie Park, Kemptville. 1992?  Our good friend Ian MacLean sat in with us on percussion!  Not sure what we played, but I recall a long saga called The Wolf- haha!

Steve Gaw

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