Caution Press

Promotional photo of Caution Press

Caution Press


Ben Mullin - vocals, guitar, bass, keys

Steve Gaw - Bass, vocals, guitar

Aedan Helmer - guitar, vibraphone

Justin Purvis - drums, percussion

Tom Brown - keyboards




Caution Press played numerous shows around the Ottawa area including Maverick's, Cafe Decuf, the Fringe Festival and Irene's.  The live shows were a mix of styles featuring Ben and Steve singing lead on their own contributions while providing harmonies along with everyone else on others. Instrument changes were a regular occurance as the band launched into each different song.


The band started with Ben, Steve and Aedan continuing on after Grand National parted ways.


With Justin Purvis joining in freshly back from a year in Japan, the band started crafting new songs and playing a few of Ben's tunes from the Grand National repetoire as well.  


Tom Brown later joined the group on keyboards, as well as tinkering with their live sound and recordings. Tom also helped produce the songs recorded at Ken Friesen's studio in Almonte.

The "Caution Press" ep

The Caution press ep was constructed as a press kit to accompany a run of shows in the Ottawa area.  It consisted of recordings made by the Grand National lineup (later on this page) and a brief bio.  Check out the music in the Grand National section farther down this page...



Caution Press EP, front cover
the EP


Being Here


Recorded live off the floor at Tractor Records

Recorded by Tom Brown


click for full view

Grand National

Ben Mullin- vocals, guitars

Steve Gaw- bass, vocals

Aedan Helmer- guitar

Phil Mailey- drums

Stefan Mailey- keyboards





Cousins Ben Mullin and Aedan Helmer decided to get together with Steve Gaw and start working on some of Ben's songs.  Aedan and Steve had previously played together in Freephonic. With Ben and Aedan on guitars and Steve on bass they started working on some new material.  To round out the band Ben suggested the talented Mailey brothers, Stefan and Phil.


Grand National played shows in the Ottawa area- Babylon, Maverick's, Cafe Decuf, Irene's as well as some other local events.


The group recorded some tracks at Signal Path Studios in Almonte.

Photo of early Grand National practice
early grand national practice at tractor

Recordings from Signal Path Studios

Enginered, mixed and mastered by Ken Friesen

assisted by Tom Brown

produced by Tom Brown and Grand National

Photos- and a few show posters designed by Gord Glaze.  click for full view

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