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  • Nils Rusch -- Tinsel Touch
  • Graven !! recording at the farmhouse
  • Paul Mahar- Toefinger, The Ghost Shirt Society
  •  Bruce Enloe new album ...with the Burning Sensations...'Unseasonably Cool"  yup, it's in the store
  • Slow Century - recording originals, farm fresh- gigs coming up
  • Amanda Gaw- 2 newies- still tracking
  • Brad Sucks rehearsing as usual
  • the dirty hustle brewing 

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Nils Rusch- vocals,  jingles

Steve Gaw- organ, jingles

Tom Brown- loops, recording, mixing

Ho Ho Ho

@Tractor dec.18 2015

When you don't like someone, you give them the finger.

When you really don't like someone, you give them the ToeFinger.



Nils Rusch - Vocals

Tom Brown - Maschine, Keyboards

Paul Mahar - Keyboards, Maschine

Farnese Sangiovese - (Im)moral support


Lyrics - Nils Rusch

Arrangement and mixing - Tom Brown and Paul Mahar

Video - Paul Mahar


Come back soon!

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