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  • Martin Tielli loses an eye at Paul Mahar
  • New Whitewash Vandals song "Bunny" coming soon.
  • Jan. 2 prodo night at Tractor -- W.V. and The Turtle Crossing -- Rough mix of "Chicken Shack" and new untitled funky freejam in the works.
  • Rough mix of 'Funky Satellite' on Steve Gaw page
  • New Nils Rusch pics and music including 'R&R From Outer Space'
  • New Amanda Gaw pics and music- check her page.

Featured Recordings at Tractor




lyrics- Nils Rusch

music- Steve Gaw


vocals- Nils Rusch

instruments/prog- Steve Gaw

recorded and mixed by Steve Gaw

@Tractor late August 2013




Steve Gaw covering a Bob Dylan tune




vocals/guitar- Steve Gaw

recorded by Tom Brown @ Tractor Records





Amanda Gaw smiling




Amanda Gaw




by Amanda Gaw

recorded/mixed by Steve Gaw

@Tractor march2013


Amanda Gaw- vocals, piano

Steve Gaw- other instruments


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